Vol 48, No 3 (2016)

Date published: 2016-07-19

Table of Contents

open access

Original and clinical articles

Efficiency of goal-directed oxygen delivery in ICU patients

Sebastien Jochmans, Ly-Van Phach Vong, Nathalie Rolin, Oumar Sy, Jonathan Chelly, Olivier Ellrodt, Jean-Emmanuel Alphonsine, Jean Serbource-Goguel, Razach Idriss Abdallah, Claire-Marie Weyer, Mehran Monchi, Christophe Vinsonneau

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0027
Pubmed: 27188964
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):151-157.

Hypoalbuminaemia at admission predicts the poor outcomes in critically ill children

Kulnipa Kittisakmontri, Sanit Reungrongrat, Mongkol Lao-araya

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0028
Pubmed: 27198541
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):158-161.

Outcome of patients of chest trauma suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — experience at level 1 trauma centre

Richa Aggarwal, Kapil Dev Soni, Amit Gupta, Subodh Kumar

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0031
Pubmed: 27248144
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):162-165.

Susceptibility to tigecycline of Acinetobacter baumannii strains isolated from intensive care unit patients

Katarzyna Talaga, Paweł Krzyściak, Małgorzata Bulanda

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0021
Pubmed: 27013253
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):166-170.

Escherichia coli bacteraemias in intensive care unit patients

Magdalena A. Wujtewicz, Anna Śledzińska, Radosław Owczuk, Maria Wujtewicz

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0026
Pubmed: 27188963
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):171-174.

Predictive value of the APACHE II, SAPS II, SOFA and GCS scoring systems in patients with severe purulent bacterial meningitis

Iwona Pietraszek-Grzywaczewska, Szymon Bernas, Piotr Łojko, Anna Piechota, Mariusz Piechota

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0030
Pubmed: 27240026
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):175-179.

An acid-base disorders analysis with the use of the Stewart approach in patients with sepsis treated in an intensive care unit

Jakub Szrama, Piotr Smuszkiewicz

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0020
Pubmed: 27000203
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):180-184.

Risk factors of acute kidney injury requiring renal replacement therapy based on regional registry data

Piotr Czempik, Daniel Cieśla, Piotr Knapik, Łukasz J. Krzych

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0033
Pubmed: 27444872
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):185-190.
Review articles

Validity of low-efficacy continuous renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients

Hiroo Kawarazaki, Shigehiko Uchino

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0029
Pubmed: 27240969
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):191-196.

Percutaneous cervical cordotomy in cancer pain

Martina Bellini, Massimo Barbieri

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2014.0070
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):197-200.

Vitamin D in critically ill patients

Katarzyna Matysiak-Luśnia

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0034
Pubmed: 27444873
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):201-207.
Letters to editor

Fever treatment with a catheter-based heat exchange system in the neurointensive care unit

Yusuf Tunali, Eren Fatma Akcil, Ozlem Korkmaz Dilmen

DOI: 10.5603/AIT.a2016.0032
Pubmed: 27273804
Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther 2016;48(3):208-210.

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