Vol 13, No 2 (2020)
Kartki z historii
Published online: 2020-08-03

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Honorary Members of the Polish Society of Nephrology. Part XXX — Professor Krzysztof Marczewski

Janusz Ostrowski, Bolesław Rutkowski
Forum Nefrologiczne 2020;13(2):103-106.


The current publication is the 30th one in the series titled “The Fellowship of Honorary Members of the Polish Society of Nephrology”, whose publication in “Forum Nefrologiczne” began in early 2013. In the previous edition, we presented the outstanding Scottish nephrologist and scientist, Professor Alexander Davison. This time, the authors will again present the figure of a Polish nephrologist awarded by the Society with this honourable title. He is the prematurely deceased, on the last day of 2019, Professor Krzysztof Marczewski, the outstanding Lublin-based nephrologist, ethicist and holder of many other medical specialties. Initially, he was associated with the Medical Academy in Lublin, and then with the Hospital and the College of Management and Administration in Zamość. He was well-liked and widelyrespected by both his colleagues and patients.

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