Vol 72, No 3 (2021)
Letter to the Editor
Published online: 2021-09-29

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The need for detailed study of course credit earned and the comprehension of material by college students as a result of major changes in university course formats due to COVID-19 and actions based on those findings

Yasuyuki Fujita1, Ken Inoue2, Noriyuki Kawano3, Yoshihiro Noso4, Nailya Chaizhunusova5, Nargul Ospanova5, Nursultan Seksenbayev5, Timur Moldagaliyev5, Aigul Tokesheva5, Yersin T. Zhunussov5, Nobuo Takeichi36, Masaharu Hoshi3, Yoshiyuki Ohira7
Pubmed: 34604999
IMH 2021;72(3):245-246.


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