Vol 4, No 3 (2019)
Case report
Published online: 2019-10-08

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Ultrasound use of post-traumatic gluteal haematoma in a patient using warfarin

Fatih Demir1, Gülden Kazancı2, Jacek Smereka3, Damian Gorczyca4
Disaster Emerg Med J 2019;4(3):124-127.


Most of the muscle pathologies consist of traumas. The use of oral anticoagulants increases post-traumatic bleeding and haematoma risk. Ultrasonography has an important place in diagnostic examination of the soft tissue haematomas that appear in post-traumatic period. In this study a patient is presented who used warfarin and was admitted at the emergency department with hip pain and difficulty in walking, and who had gluteal haematoma on ultrasound after falling down. Hip pains in patients using warfarin must be alarming in terms of gluteal haematoma. Ultrasound offers fast and reliable results in preventing complications.

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