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Vol 11, No 1 (2013)
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Published online: 2013-07-02

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Can you expect sex being expecting? Sexuality and pregnancy in women’s opinion

Marta Kucharska, Karolina Kossakowska, Karolina Janicka
Seksuologia Polska 2013;11(1).


Introduction. The aim of the study was to assess the attitudes of women towards sexual behaviors taken during
pregnancy, as well as the relationships between the attitudes and women’s sense of sexual attractiveness, security
and resilience of ego.
Material and methods: The study included 200 women (n = 30 primiparous, n = 24 subsequent pregnancy, n =
83 previously pregnant, n = 63 nulliparous), aged from 18 to 43 years. To measure attitudes toward sexual activity
during pregnancy, a standardized interview designed for the purpose of the study was used. Sexual Attractiveness
Questionnaire allowed to evaluate a sense of attractiveness. To assess the sense of security and resilience of ego,
the Questionnaire of the Security and Resilience of the Ego was used.
Results: There are no significant differences in attitudes towards sexual activity during pregnancy between the
groups. Despite of reproductive experience, women presented a positive attitude to make sexual activity during
pregnancy. Only the group of primiparous have been pointed a significant, positive relationship between attractiveness and attitude towards sexual activity during pregnancy. Sense of security and resilience of the ego seemed
to have no significance.
Conclusion: It can be assumed that pregnancy does not preclude sexual activity among women. Pregnancy
and the associated changes do not interfere with making sexual activity, except the group of women
who are pregnant for the first time. Perhaps they experience more stress than those who have already
been a mother or their rating applies only to a hypothetical situation. Making sexual activity may be either
a manifestation of sense of security or searching the intimacy with your partner.