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Vol 4, No 2 (2006)
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Published online: 2006-07-11

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Erectile dysfunction and pyramidal tract asessment in diabetic men - preliminary report

Krzysztof Dęmbe, Jacek Bojakowski, Waldemar Karnafel
Seksuologia Polska 2006;4(2):60-64.


Introduction. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of late complication of diabetes mellitus. The etiology of ED in diabetes mellitus is multifactorial, with neurovascular, endothelial, endocrinologial factors playing a prominent role. Some medications may be responsible for erectile dysfunction.
Material and methods. The function of the pyramidal tract in 21 patients with long lasting diabetes mellitus complicated by peripheral neuropathy and 10 healthy controls was assessed by using the transcranial magnetic stimulation. Subgroup of 10 male patients with complete absence of erection was assigned, and the results compared to the 11 remaining diabetic patients and controls as well.
Results and conclusions. Central (CMCT) and peripheral conduction times were calculated after recording of M, F responses and motor evoked potentials (MEP) in hypothenar abductor digiti minimi (ADV) and tibialis anterior (TA) muscles. Significant p < 0.05 difference of CMCT between diabetic and control group was observed (14.36 vs. 12.84 ms) for TA. In the subgroup with ED CMCT was prolonged more markedly (15.55 ms and p < 0.001). Functional impairment of corticospinal tract in diabetes was shown. Central in addition to peripheral origin of ED in diabetic patients is suggested.

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