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Vol 6, No 2 (2008)
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Published online: 2008-09-29

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Teachers’ sexual activity. Results of author’s own study

Barbara Jankowiak
Seksuologia Polska 2008;6(2):64-76.


Introduction. The main idea of the paper is to exame teachers’ sexual activity in they basic relationships and biside them (as well as the sexual satisfaction.) The analisys sexual activity in terms of sexual norm beetwen partners were also explored.
Material and methods. The research was carried on teachers. The group consisted of 305 person, 228 women and 77 men. The average age was 36.05 years. 81.3% teachers was married, 10.5% was cohabited but living apart and 8.2% living together. There was no homosexual relations. In terms of being parents: 69.2% have some children and 30.8% have none. An annonymous questionnaire research was carried from October to November 2007. The applied method included Questionnaire for Testing Sexual Activity - developed solely for the purpose of this study.
Results. The conducted research allowed characterizing the researched teachers in relation to the sexual activity in basic relationships in comparison with the conditions of sexual relationship norm. The connection between sexual activity in a relationship and adultery has also been analysed.
Conclusions. The calculations prove that being sexually active beyond the basic relationship depends on sexual activity in the latter one. The sexual satisfaction in basic relationship as well as frequency of sexual contacts are closely related to adultery. The calculations show that level of the satisfaction is lower in the group of those who are sexually active beyond their basic relationship.

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