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Vol 6, No 2 (2008)
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Published online: 2008-09-29

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Sexology in psychiatric hospital

Anna Brzeska, Przemysław Marcinek
Seksuologia Polska 2008;6(2):57-63.


Introduction. This article presents questionnaire based preliminary study. In the present work, level of sexological care in psychiatric hospital was investigated. We were trying to describe and summaries the determinants of staff members proffesional attitudes in range of sexology.
Material and methods. The research group consisted of 96 medical staff members (doctors, psychologists, nurses and others). As the survey method we have used our own elaborated questionnaire.
Results. Study revealed that sexual health is important part of psychiatric care in hospital. Most staff members were educated in the subject of sexology. We found that the most often used methods of intervention was support and sexological education. The results of the research show that doctors and psychologists evaluate higher their level of the sexological competention than the others.
Conclusions. But hardly quarter of specialists can make a sexological diagnosis. Most staff members expect that patients will self evaluate their sexual problems.

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