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Vol 7, No 1 (2009)
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Published online: 2009-01-05

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Cybersex in Polish internet - a survey among the internet erotic chat room users

Agata Leśnicka
Seksuologia Polska 2009;7(1):9-14.


Introduction. Cybersex can be defined as an interaction of at least two individuals exchanging digitalized data in order to evoke sexual arousal.
Material and methods. In order to establish the relationship between demographic variables as well as time spent on cybersex and features of online sex activity an Internet survey containing 24 questions was created. Participation in research was voluntary and anonymous.
Results and conclusions. Hypotheses that women tend to meet with cyberpartner in real life and that internet gives them opportunity to try sexual practices unavailable in everyday life were not supported. Also, the more time spent on cybersex, the less users are eager to try online sexual activity unacceptable in realireal life. Moreover, there was almost ideal correlation between time spent in erotic chat room and underestimation of potentially harmful effects of such practices. Women having cybersex seem to differ from those in general population. They are more often victims of sexual abuse. They are not interested in meeting their cyberpartner in real life which implicates that they do not want to establish a long-term real life relationship but pure sexual expression. Cybersex seems to be a field for typically masculine needs such as downloading pornography or straightforward descriptions of sexual intercourse while having cybersex. Future implication for further research embrace the phenomenon of cybersex in populations of homosexuals and women because these are two groups with particularly restricted expression and realization of sexual needs in everyday life.

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