Vol 26, No 3 (2021)
Case report
Published online: 2021-03-26

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Radiation treatment for refractory endometriosis: a 38-year-old female presenting with vaginal bleeding

Arpan V. Prabhu1, Michael D. Schad2, Alexander F. Burnett3, Gary D. Lewis1
Rep Pract Oncol Radiother 2021;26(3):457-462.


BACKGROUND: Endometriosis is typically managed with a medical or surgical approach, though some patients have medically refractory disease and are poor surgical candidates.

CASE PRESENTATION: A 39-year-old woman presented to our facility with uncontrolled bleeding and pain from an endometriotic mass at the vaginal cuff. She had a history of abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, now with medically refractive and inoperable disease due to prior history of vesicovaginal fistula. We prescribed 30 Gy in 10 fractions with 10 MV and 18 MV photons to the target. At follow-up our patient reported a complete resolution of bleeding and pelvic pain.

CONCLUSION: Radiation treatment can be an effective treatment for refractory endometriosis.

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