"Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy" is the journal of Polish Society of Radiation Oncology;  Czech Society for Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics; Hungarian Society for Radiation Oncology; Slovenian Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology;  Polish Study Group of Head and Neck Cancer; Guild of Bulgarian Radiotherapists; Catalan Occitan Oncology Group (GOCO) affiliated with Spanish Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology;  Romanian Society of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology; Portuguese Society of Radiotherapy—Oncology; Latin American association of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology; Mexican Society of Radiation Oncologists (SOMERA); Association de Radiotherapie et d’Oncologie de la Mediterranee (AROME); and the Greater Poland Cancer Centre.

The journal serves researchers and practitioners in the fields of clinical oncologyradiation oncology, medical physics and radiobiology as well as cancer biology, providing an international platform to exchange practical, multidisciplinary clinical and scientific knowledge and achievements in oncology and related disciplines. The journal recognises the increasing need for effective interdisciplinary collaboration in the fight against cancer. Articles published in the journal in recent years cover diverse issues in oncology, cancer biology and medical physics, particularly on clinical studies and trialsradiotherapy treatment planning, clinical dosimetry, treatments based on non-ionizing radiation, tumor genetics and its microenvironment and cancer diagnostics.

Editor-in-Chief: Julian Malicki

The Journal has been included in the register of journals and proceedings of international conferences published by The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education on January 1st, 2024 with 100 points awarded.

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