Vol 10, No 1 (2024)
Case report
Published online: 2024-01-24

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Primary Sjögren’s syndrome complicated by development of B-cell lymphoma

Magdalena Romanowska1, Magdalena Krajewska-Włodarczyk2
Rheumatology Forum 2024;10(1):38-42.


Sjögren’s syndrome is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory connective tissue disease of unknown aetiology. It is marked by lymphocytic infiltration of exocrine glands (mainly lacrimal glands and salivary glands), which impairs their function and leads, among other things, to symptoms of dryness that are typical of this syndrome. In addition to glandular lesions, other organs and systems such as the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and vasculitis may also be involved. There is also a significantly higher incidence of lymphomas in primary Sjögren’s syndrome compared to the general population. This paper presents a case report of a 63-year-old female patient with primary Sjögren’s syndrome who presented with a worsening of her condition and the development of B-cell lymphoma in the course of her disease.

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