Vol 13, No 1 (2020)
Aktualności w pielęgniarstwie nefrologicznym
Published online: 2020-04-01

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Common use of preservatives as a current problem in maintaining normophosphatemia in haemodialysed patients

Anna Janus12, Ewa Mazur2
Forum Nefrologiczne 2020;13(1):41-47.


Improper nutrition among patients with chronic kidney disease is still a serious problem which results in deterioration of the clinical condition, lower quality of life and even higher mortality rate. Correct control of calcium and phosphate metabolism is the effect of following by the patient the recommended diet and proper taking of medicines fixing phosphorus in the alimentary canal. However, despite adequate health education many patients often disregard dietary and pharmacological recommendations. Such a problem exists in many dialysis centres, which shows the necessity of permanent education of each patient who requires it. A significant and still relevant problem that should be recognised by all patients is inorganic phosphorus, which is commonly used in food preservation and absorbed by the human organism in full. The main objective of this article is to point out culinary areas rich in phosphorus substances which make it difficult to maintain normophosphatemia despite the patient’s commitment and good cooperation in educational effect.

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