Vol 11, No 1 (2018)
Aktualności w pielęgniarstwie nefrologicznym
Published online: 2018-04-18

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The problem of heart and kidney failure — tasks of nurses

Irena Milaniak12
Forum Nefrologiczne 2018;11(1):66-70.


A cardiac-renal syndrome (CRS) is defined as a disorder of the heart or kidney function in which acute or chronic disease of one organ is caused by acute or chronic dysfunction (injury) of the other. Patients with heart failure often associate with impaired renal
function, correlated with increased morbidity and mortality. Such patients may be considered for pharmacological or surgical treatment, including organ transplantation, or mechanical cardiac support (MCS). The aim of this article is to discuss heart and kidney failure in the aspect of nursing care. Patients with renal failure and heart disease are challenging for therapeutic teams. Pharmacological and surgical treatment may be considered. The
unique problems that occur during renal replacement therapy, organ transplantation, or mechanical cardiac support appear both in steady-state and out-patient settings. Adequate selection of candidates for implantation or transplantation is essential for the best results. If a patient is considered as a candidate for MCS implantation, a multidisciplinary team including a cardiologist, cardiologist, mechanical cardiovascular coordinator, nurses should engage in dialysis, nephrology, patient and family training in MCS management during renal replacement therapy.

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