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Vol 17, No 3 (2020)
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Published online: 2020-07-13

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The patient diagnosed with depressive disorder: drug interactions and COVID-19 positive result

Zuzanna Dukaczewska1, Michał Wroński1, Jerzy Samochowiec1
Psychiatria 2020;17(3):166-168.


This article presents guidelines for the management of a psychiatric patient infected with COVID-19. The Polish Psychiatric
Association provides recommendations and tips, including guidelines from other countries regarding the treatment of
psychiatric patients during the epidemic time. In Poland, patients requiring psychiatric hospitalization have been treated
in centers appointed by the government. In the West Pomerania region such center is the Department of Psychiatry
of Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. Psychiatric wards have been transformed and adapted to the profile of
infected or potentially infected patients who have been quarantined. We present the case of the patient with an affective
disorder who was hospitalized on the local infectious ward, the possible difficulties associated with drug interactions
between psychiatric drugs and those used to treat COVID-19 infection.

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