Vol 80, No 3 (2022)
Expert opinion
Published online: 2022-02-28

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Management of patients after heart valve interventions. Expert opinion of the Working Group on Valvular Heart Diseases, Working Group on Cardiac Surgery, and Association of Cardiovascular Interventions of the Polish Cardiac Society

Edyta Płońska-Gościniak1, Wojciech Wojakowski2, Tomasz Kukulski3, Zbigniew Gąsior3, Marek Grygier4, Katarzyna Mizia-Stec5, Tomasz Hirnle6, Maria Olszowska78, Lidia Tomkiewicz-Pająk78, Jarosław D Kasprzak9, Piotr Suwalski10, Monika Komar78, Stanisław Bartuś11, Piotr Pysz2, Magdalena Mizia-Szubryt5, Tomasz T Hryniewiecki12
Pubmed: 35290659
Kardiol Pol 2022;80(3):386-402.


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