Vol 16, No 1 (2022)
Brief communication
Published online: 2022-01-14

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Audit of advance care planning documentation for Alzheimer’s disease in Brunei

Sanny Zi Lung Choo1, Nadzirah Rosli1, Shyh Poh Teo1
Palliat Med Pract 2022;16(1):66-68.


The documentation of advance care plans in clinical records of speciality clinics in Brunei for Alzheimer’s
disease was audited. Among the 168 patients with Alzheimer’s disease, the median age was 80 years.
Two-thirds (106) had moderate-to-severe dementia, of which 9 (8.5%) were on enteral feeding and
64 (60.4%) did not have documented discussions regarding feeding preferences. There were no documented
discussions regarding preferences on cardiopulmonary resuscitation in 57 (53.8%), or a proxy
decision-maker in 72 (67.9%). Advance care planning in Alzheimer’s disease could be improved in terms
of initiating discussions and documenting preferences in clinical records, especially for speciality clinics
and for those in moderate-to-severe stages of the disease.

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