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Published online: 2021-09-28

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Surgical treatment of vitreoretinal complications in a patient with Stickler syndrome type 1: a case report

Nicolás Rivera-Valdivia1, Carlos Salgado-Cerrate1, Pablo Cabal-López1, Hiroshi Maeda-Yasunaga1, Laura Pacheco-Palomino2, Carlos Abdala-Caballero3
Ophthalmol J 2021;6:113-116.


We present the clinical case of an 8-years-old male patient with a genetic diagnosis of Stickler syndrome type 1 and the management of associated vitreoretinal complications. The patient had an antecedent of no light perception in his left eye secondary to retinal detachment treated in another health centre. He consulted with a history of blunt trauma in his head with an unremarkable anterior segment and fundus exam. Scleral indentation showed no lesions to be treated in the right eye. We recommended follow-up every six months. The patient did not come to controls. He was consulted three years later because of visual loss in his right eye. Fundus showed a total retinal detachment secondary to a giant retinal tear of 320º with macular involvement and choroidal detachments. Therefore, scleral buckling, lensectomy, pars plana vitrectomy, inferior retinectomy, endovenous laser treatment (endolaser), and silicone oil tamponade were performed. After six weeks of follow-up, the patient presented an inferior re-detachment with grade C3 vitreoretinal proliferation. A new procedure of silicone oil removal, epiretinal membrane removal, enlargement of inferior retinectomy, endolaser, and silicone oil tamponade was indicated. After 6-months of follow-up, no new retinal detachment was presented, and the best-corrected visual acuity was 20/100.

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