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Case report
Published online: 2021-07-15

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An improved vision after treatment of endophthalmitis following keratoprosthesis — a report of two cases

Farheen Fatima1, Amna Anwar2, Farah Naz3, Azam Ali1
Ophthalmol J 2021;6:61-64.


Endophthalmitis following keratoprosthesis could lead to permanent loss of vision and the eye. It needs systematic
management and close follow-ups as the outcome is unpredictable.

We present two cases of endophthalmitis following type I Boston keratoprosthesis (KPro). Both of our patients had
lost one eye while the other eye developed endophthalmitis after they underwent prosthokeratoplasty. They were
aggressively treated with topical and oral antibiotics with close follow-ups. Vitreous cultures were obtained, and
intravitreal antibiotics were given. The endophthalmitis resolved with a dramatically improved vision.

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