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Case report
Published online: 2020-02-06

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A rare case of posttraumatic bilateral orbital myositis in a young boy — a case report

Ahmad Halawa1, Mahmoud Al Salem1, Robert Rejdak, Rashed Mustafa Nazzal2
Ophthalmol J 2020;5:1-4.


Orbital myositis (OM) is a benign inflammatory disease of the orbit characterised by a polymorphous lymphoid infiltrate with varying degrees of fibrosis, without a known local or systemic cause. In this paper, we present a case of a young boy who sustained a trauma to his eyes a few days prior to admission, after which he developed bilateral orbital pain and ocular motility limitation. He underwent the appropriate investigations including orbital imaging and blood laboratory workup, which were all consistent with a diagnosis of posttraumatic bilateral orbital myositis.

He was treated with steroids for few weeks, and when the dose of steroids was tapered, he had a relapse of the same disease with a different presentation, which was later controlled with a higher dose of steroids, after which the patient went into remission.

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