Vol 2, No 3 (2017)
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Published online: 2017-12-28

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Fundus autofluorescence and multicolour imaging comparison in assessing disease severity in patients suffering from geographic atrophy. A case series analysis

Ioannis Mallias1, Panagiota Mylova, Anastasia Tassiopoulou
Ophthalmol J 2017;2(3):69-78.


INTRODUCTION. The aim of the study is to determine which depicting modality, fundus autofluorescence or multicolour imaging, is a better diagnostic tool in the monitoring of the progression of geographic atrophy in patients with severe dry macular degeneration. MATERIAL AND METHODS. Fifty patients (93 eyes) participated in this study. OCT examination (Spectralis HRA + OCT, Heidelberg Engineering, Germany) was performed in order to confirm that they fit the criteria to proceed in the study. In all patients, fundus autofluorescence and multicolour imaging was performed. RESULTS. The area of geographic atrophy was depicted with both modalities and useful information was obtained. In some cases, multicolour imaging provided more useful clues and in other cases the fundus autofluorescence provided useful information for the progression of the disease. CONCLUSIONS. Both modalities provide a wide range of useful information about the progression of geographic atrophy in patients with severe dry age-related macular degeneration and should both be performed in order to gather all the useful information about the disease progression.

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