Vol 9 (2024): Continuous Publishing
Case report
Published online: 2024-03-13

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Peripheral ulcerative keratitis: an unusual primary ocular manifestation in Behçet’s disease

Shailesh Mogra1, Anuradha Singh1
Ophthalmol J 2024;9:8-12.


Behçet’s disease is an idiopathic systemic inflammation with a predilection for skin and mucosal surfaces of the eye. We report a case with Behçet’s disease associated with peripheral ulcerative keratitis and corneal perforation in the left eye. The patient was initially managed dconservatively, followed by tectonic sectoral keratoplasty and systemic immunomodulator therapy. Peripheral ulcerative keratitis is an uncommon but severe manifestation of Behçet’s disease, which requires early diagnosis and intensive management to preserve globe integrity and achieve a favourable visual outcome.

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