Vol 9 (2024): Continuous Publishing
Case report
Published online: 2024-06-28

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Pyogenic granuloma as rare post-operative complication following pterygium surgery: a case report

Astha Vaghasia1, Vidhi Kirankumar Modi12
Ophthalmol J 2024;9:133-135.


The primary complication observed after pterygium surgery is the recurrence of the condition post operatively. For prevention of recurrence conjunctival auto-graft technique is used. However, with this graft surgery wound healing procedure may have compromised and may leads to complications like tenon’s granuloma or pyogenic granuloma or stitch granuloma. This complication has to be treated with topical steroid eye drops or surgical excision. Recently, 32year old female patient presented with a painless progressive, nodular mass following after pterygium surgery on right eye. This developed after 15th post-operative day. Clinical assessment indicates a post-operative granuloma and patient underwent excisional biopsy and subsequent histopathology report confirmed the diagnosis of pyogenic granuloma. Patient was prescribed a steroid eye drops in tapering regimen. No recurrence occurs even after 1 year.

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