Vol 55, No 1 (2021)
Invited Editorial
Published online: 2021-01-13

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Melatonin secretion in migraine patients: the current state of knowledge

Daniel Zielonka1
Pubmed: 33438752
Neurol Neurochir Pol 2021;55(1):5-7.


Introduction. Zduńska et al. [1] present the results of a pilot study exploring changes in melatonin serum concentration in migraine patients, and the clinical implications of these changes.

Clinical reflections. Melatonin secretion may be altered for several reasons, and migraine is one of those clinical conditions where melatonin secretion can be changed. Correlations between migraine clinical phenotype and melatonin secretion pat-terns may bring exciting results.

Clinical implications. Alterations in melatonin secretion in migraine has not been explained. Studies which aim at exploring the mechanism(s) of action of melatonin secretion in migraine patients may provide an insight into the pathogenesis of migraine and contribute to effective treatment options.

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