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Migration of atrial catheter of ventriculo-cysto-atrial shunt into heart and pulmonary artery — case report and literature review

Václav Vybíhal1, Martin Plevko12, Pavel Fadrus12, Martin Smrčka12, Marek Sova12, Martin Poloczek34, Miloš Keřkovský56


Ventriculoatrial shunts are the alternative treatments when it is impossible to use ventriculoperitoneal shunts. Limited indication for ventriculoatrial shunt is due to the possibility of very serious complications inherent with this procedure. We present a case report of a young patient who suffered from disconnection of an atrial catheter from the valve after an accidental blow to his neck. The atrial catheter was dislocated to the heart and pulmonary artery and it was extracted through the femoral vein in the groin area using an endovascular technique. The procedure went without complications. A new atrial catheter was introduced under ultrasonic guidance during surgical revision.

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