Vol 51, No 4 (2017)

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The effectiveness of Penumbra 400 micro-coils in the embolization of large cerebral aneurysms

Tadeusz Jan Popiela1, Paweł Brzegowy1, Bartłomiej Łasocha2, Andrzej Urbanik1
DOI: 10.1016/j.pjnns.2017.05.002
Neurol Neurochir Pol 2017;51(4):304-310.



The objective of this work is to analyze the effectiveness of Penumbra 400 micro-coils in the embolization of large cerebral aneurysms.

Material and methods

A retrospective analysis has been conducted in a group of 32 patients at the average age of 54.5 years (30–84) for whose embolization the P400 micro-coils (P400) have been used. A control group consisted of 44 patients at the average age of 52.7 years (24–82) in whose aneurysm embolization the 18 micro-coils (MC) have been utilized.


The respective percentages of micro-coil packing density in aneurysm sacs were 31.5% for P400 and 29% for MC. The average P400 fluoroscopy time was 21min, and 34min in case of MC. The average number of used micro-coils was 3.9 for P400 and 5.6 for MC. The radiation dose received by a patient was 1.7Gy/2.2Gy, respectively. The recanalization of P400 has occurred in 14/31 cases (45%), and for MC it has occurred in 23/44 (52%) patients. One patient died due to early recanalization after P400 aneurysm embolization.


Procedures with use of the P400 demonstrate minimally higher effectiveness of large aneurysms embolization in comparison with the MS with a not much shorter duration and reduction of a radiation dose that a patient receives.

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