Vol 47, No 3 (2013)

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Differential diagnosis of intracranial meningiomas based on magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Dariusz J. Jaskólski1, Jan Fortuniak1, Ludomir Stefańczyk2, Agata Majos2, Witold Gajewicz2, Wielisław Papierz3, Paweł P. Liberski4, Beata Sikorska4
DOI: 10.5114/ninp.2013.32998
Neurol Neurochir Pol 2013;47(3):247-255.


Background and purpose

To determine in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) characteristics of intracranial meningiomas and to assess MRS reliability in meningioma grading and discrimination from tumours of similar radiological appearance, such as lymphomas, schwannomas and haemangiopericytomas.

Material and methods

Analysis of spectra of 14 patients with meningiomas, 6 with schwannomas, 2 with lymphomas, 2 with haemangiopericytomas and 17 control spectra taken from healthy hemispheres.


All the patients with meningiomas had a high Cho signal (long TE). There were very low signals of Naa and Cr in the spectra of 10 patients. A reversed Ala doublet was seen only in 2 cases. Four patients had a negative Lac signal, whereas 3 had high Lac-Lip spectra. Twelve spectra showed high Cho signals (short TE). In one case the Cho signal was extremely low. All spectra displayed a very low Cr signal, but high Glx and Lac-Lip signals. Ala presence was found only in 3 patients. The mean Cho/Cr ratio (PRESS) was 5.97 (1.12 in normal brain, p < 0.05). Lac-Lip was present in all the meningiomas (STEAM). The Ala signal was seen only in 2 spectra with long TE and in 3 sequences of the short TE sequences. There were both β/γ-Glx and α-Glx/glutathione signals in all 14 meningiomas.


MRS is unable to discriminate low and high grade meningiomas. The method seems to be helpful in discriminating lymphomas (absent Glx signal), schwannomas (mI signal in the short TE sequences) and haemangiopericytomas (presence of mI band) from meningiomas.

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