Vol 46, No 5 (2012)

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Anhelation due to formation of tuberculomas at the medulla oblongata during chemotherapy of tuberculous meningitis

Pengfei Ge1, Xiaojie Zhang2, Yangping Zhong1, Xinchao Bian1, Shuanglin Fu1, Yinan Luo1
DOI: 10.5114/ninp.2012.31363
Neurol Neurochir Pol 2012;46(5):501-505.


Formation of tuberculoma is a rare response of neurotuberculosis in patients regularly and adequately treated with anti-tuberculous drugs. We report a 13-year-old girl with two tuberculomas which formed in the dorsal part of the medulla oblongata during chemotherapy for tuberculous meningitis. The tuberculomas were both removed via a suboccipital midline approach and were demonstrated by pathological findings but the girl died of cardiac arrest that was thought to be caused by postoperative medulla oblongata oedema. In combination with a literature review, we discuss the clinical features and treatment options of brainstem tuberculomas.

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