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Vol 7, No 4 (2014)
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Published online: 2014-12-31

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Rapid Alert System on Blood and Blood Components (RAB) — tasks and basic functions

Agata Płodzich, Aleksandra Rosiek, Elżbieta Lachert, Jolanta Antoniewicz-Papis
Journal of Transfusion Medicine 2014;7(4):125-139.


Rapid Alert System for Human Blood and Blood Components (RAB) is a platform for Competent Authorities to exchange information on all sudden and unexpected incidents that may have impacton the safety of blood and blood components. The system was developed and launched by the European Commission following the recommendations of Commission Directive 2005/61/EC of 30 September 2005. The ultimate aim of the system is to facilitate the exchange of informationto prevent cross-border incidents and undertake immediate measures for the purpose of strengthening the safety of patients that undergo medical treatment involving blood and blood products. RAB will be used in parallel with existing national vigilance systems which collectand manage the alerts related to blood donated and issued for clinical use by the Member State.

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