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Vol 4, No 1 (2011)
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Published online: 2011-04-20

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Leukodepleted red blood cell concentrates frozen and thawed in ACP 215 system; evaluation study

Agnieszka Żak, Elżbieta Lachert, Jolanta Antoniewicz-Papis, Anna Tomaszewska, Wiesław Tomaszewski, Barbara Biedrzycka, Ewa Potocka, Edyta Jarmocik, Justyna Mazur, Dariusz Blinowski, Adam Olszewski
Journal of Transfusion Medicine 2011;4(1):32-43.


Background: Cryopreservation extends storage time of red blood cell concentrates (RBC). In the automatic ACP 215 (Haemonetics) system the unintentional bioburden risk during freezing/ thawing is reduced as the procedure is performed within a closed system. Suspension of RBC in additive solution extends storage time of RBC. Automation assures procedure consistency and standardization. The aim of the study was to assess the routine use of ACP 215 system for freezing and thawing of leuko-depleted RBCs. Two procedures of RBC preparation for glycerolization in the ACP 215 system were evaluated: filters for removal of leukocytes from RBC and in-line filters for removal of leukocytes from whole blood (WB).
Material and methods: In the study we used 30 leuko-depleted RBC units. The following parameters were determined: Hb concentration, Ht, haemolysis, pH, K+ concentration, glucose concentration, LDH activity and osmotic resistance of red blood cells. The study was performed during 7-day storage of leuko-depleted RBCs after thawing.
Results: In the first study-stage (freezing and thawing of leuko-depleted RBCs after RBC filtration) the Ht and Hb values were significantly higher in the leuko-depleted RBCs control group than in the study group. In the second study-stage (freezing and thawing of leukodepleted RBCs obtained after WB filtration) the parameters were within normal quality control range.
Conclusions: How RBCs are prepared for glycerolization has significant impact on the quality of the component after thawing, the Military Blood Transfusion Center is therefore planning to implement the method of freezing leuko-depleted RBCs obtained in the procedure of in-line filtration.
J. Transf. Med. 2011; 1: 32–44

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