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Vol 5, No 4 (2012)
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Published online: 2012-12-17

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Czynniki wpływające na skuteczność ITI u chorych

Anna Klukowska
Journal of Transfusion Medicine 2012;5(4):171-175.


Factor VIII (FVIII) inhibitor development is the most serious complication of haemophilic patient treatment. An inhibitor occurs in about 10–52% of patients with haemophilia A. There are different reasons of this situation. The most important among them are: type of FVIII mutation, presence of inhibitor in the family and intensity of initial treatment with concentrates of FVIII. The development of inhibitor causes lower efficacy of bleeding treatment, higher cost of treatment, increased frequency of bleeding, more advanced haemophilic arthropathy and lower quality of life. The eradication of inhibitor is very substantial goal in haemophiliac treatment. Immune tolerance induction is the only proved way to remove inhibitor and to continue successful treatment with FVIII concentrates.

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