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Eksport do Mediów Społecznościowych

Urology, andrology and human sexuality from the perspective of thermal imaging — a review of the clinical applications of a thermal camera

Krzysztof Maciej Rujna123, Małgorzata Chochowska34, Leszek Kubisz1
Forum Medycyny Rodzinnej 2024;18(1):23-35.


This paper explores the available material regarding the potential use of a thermal imaging camera in the field of uroandrology and human sexuality research. Infrared thermography (IRT) constitutes a low-cost, effective and quick tool for the diagnosis and real-time monitoring of therapeutic effects. The presented paper focuses on the clinical aspects of the use of IRT in daily medical practice, the methodology of applying thermal imaging measurements and the physical properties of infrared radiation. IRT provides a precise, measurable and repeatable source of temperature data and its applications are constantly expanding into new medical fields complementing and developing conventional diagnostic methods.

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