Tom 17, Nr 6 (2023)
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Opublikowany online: 2023-12-21
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Eksport do Mediów Społecznościowych

Eksport do Mediów Społecznościowych

A walk through the minefield — when paediatric orthopaedics meets oncology

Marcin Karlikowski1
Forum Medycyny Rodzinnej 2023;17(6):261-270.


Introduction: The key, but at the same the least reliable element of the diagnostic process in modern oncology continues to be the physician, who — armed only in his suspiciousness and clinical experience — makes the preliminary diagnosis of a neoplastic disease. The objective of the present paper is to bring closer the problems inherent in a preliminary diagnosis of oncological diseases of the osteoarticular system in children and adolescents; the addressees of the report are predominantly physicians who are daily not involved in paediatric orthopaedics: family physicians, paediatricians, hospital emergency physicians — in other words, all the representatives of medical staff that have to exhibit particular vigilance during the first contact with a suffering child. Material and methods: Based on the collected material, the study presents diagnostic errors encountered in the diagnostic management of oncological diseases of the locomotor organs in children and adolescents. To illustrate the problem, a selection of treated patients is used, in whom incorrectness of the diagnostic process was identified. Results: Based on the available literature and the authors’ clinical experience, the attempt was to formulate a set of simple recommendations to be employed in everyday clinical practice.

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