Vol 79, No 4 (2020)
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Published online: 2020-01-07

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Calvarial bone defects in ovariectomised rats treated with mesenchymal stem cells and demineralised freeze-dried bone allografts

E. T. Kadiroğlu1, M. E. Akbalık2, E. Karaöz3, B. E. Kanay4, A. Dağ5, M. A. Ketani6, E. G. Eroğlu7, E. Uysal8, M. C. Tuncer9
Pubmed: 31930468
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):720-735.


Background: The aim of the study was to investigate the ability of a combination of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs) with and without demineralised freeze-dried bone allografts (DFDBAs) to induce bone regeneration in
calvarial defects in ovariectomised rats.

Materials and methods: Critical size defects were filled with a combination of DFDBAs and BM-MSCs or BM-MSCs alone. Eight weeks after calvarial surgery, the rats were sacrificed. The samples were analysed histologically and immunohistochemically.

Results: No difference was observed in vascularisation between groups C1 (animals with cranial defect only, control group) and O1 (animals with cranial defect only, ovariectomy group). Intramembranous ossification was observed at a limited level in groups C2 (animals with cranial defect with MSCs, control group) and O2 (animals with cranial defect with MSCs, ovariectomy group) compared to C1 and O1. In group C3 (animals with DFDBAs with MSCs, control group), the fibrous structures of the matrix became compact as a result of a bone graft having been placed in the cavity, but in group O3 (animals with DFDBAs with MSCs, ovariectomy group), the fibrous tissue was poorly distributed between the bone grafts for the most parts.

Conclusions: We conclude that the insertion of BM-MSCs enhances bone healing; however, the DFDBA/BM-MSC combination has little effect on overcoming impaired bone formation in ovariectomised rats.

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