Vol 79, No 4 (2020)

Date published: 2020-11-30

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Metric analysis of the lumbar region of human vertebral column

M. Ł. Gleinert-Rożek, A. Kosiński, A. Kaczyńska, M. Zajączkowski, W. Kuta, R. Kamiński, G. Piwko

Review article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0008
Pubmed: 32020579
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):655-661.

Increased number of activated microglia in rat spinal cord during early stage of diabetic induction

P. Lanlua, A. Prommahom, S. Sricharoenvej

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0136
Pubmed: 31886881
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):662-671.

Protective effect of propolis on manganese chloride neurotoxicity of olfactory bulb in adult male albino rat

O. M. Mahmoud, N. A. Salem, M. H. Al Badawi

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0127
Pubmed: 31777945
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):672-680.

Evaluation of the sciatic nerve location regarding its relationship to the piriformis muscle

P. Wan-ae-loh, T. Huanmanop, S. Agthong, V. Chentanez

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0140
Pubmed: 31907919
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):681-689.

Cadmium-induced adrenal cortical autophagy in rats: possible modulation by sildenafil

R. A. Imam, A. G. Motawei, W. A. Abd Algaleel

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0126
Pubmed: 31777946
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):709-719.

Calvarial bone defects in ovariectomised rats treated with mesenchymal stem cells and demineralised freeze-dried bone allografts

E. T. Kadiroğlu, M. E. Akbalık, E. Karaöz, B. E. Kanay, A. Dağ, M. A. Ketani, E. G. Eroğlu, E. Uysal, M. C. Tuncer

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0001
Pubmed: 31930468
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):720-735.

Development of the interatrial wall during the ontogenesis of foetuses and children up to one year of age

R. Kamiński, A. Kosiński, A. Kaczyńska, M. Zajączkowski, G. Piwko, M. Gleinert-Rożek, T. Gos, K. Karnecki

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0009
Pubmed: 32020578
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):736-741.

A morphological, morphometrical and histological investigation of the interdigital gland in Hasmer and Hasak sheep

H. Kara, S. Gedikli, Z. Özüdogru, D. Özdemir, H. Balkaya

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0014
Pubmed: 32073138
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):742-747.

Expression and distribution of HIF-1α, HIF-2α, VEGF, VEGFR-2 and HIMF in the kidneys of Tibetan sheep, plain sheep and goat

K. Yang, Z. Zhang, Y. Li, S. Chen, W. Chen, H. Ding, Z. Tan, Z. Ma, Z. Qiao

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0011
Pubmed: 32020576
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):748-755.

G protein-coupled oestrogen receptor 1, oestrogen receptors and androgen receptor in the sand rat (Psammomys obesus) efferent ducts

R. Menad, M. Fernini, L. Lakabi, N. Soudani, S. Smaï, X. Bonnet, T. Gernigon-Spychalowicz, E. Moudilou, J.-M. Exbrayat

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0053
Pubmed: 32459366
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):756-766.

The potential gonadoprotective effects of grape seed extract against the histopathological alterations elicited in an animal model of cadmium-induced testicular toxicity

A. A. Morsi, L. M. Shawky, E. A. El Bana

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0003
Pubmed: 31930466
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):767-776.

Coronary artery fistulas morphology in coronary computed tomography angiography

E. Czekajska-Chehab, M. Skoczyński, P. Przybylski, G. Staśkiewicz, A. Tomaszewski, E. Siek, J. Kurzepa, M. Skoczyński, A. Drop

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0132
Pubmed: 31802472
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):777-785.

Evaluation of the frequency of left renal vein variations in computed tomography and its relationship with cancer development

T. Y. Kuzan, B. N. Kuzan, T. A. Telli, D. Tüney

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0137
Pubmed: 31886880
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):793-798.

Computed tomography depiction of normal inguinal lymph nodes in children

M. S. Dogan, G. Koc, S. Doganay, S. Dogan, F. Elmalı, S. Ciraci, S. B. Gorkem, M. Guzel, A. Coskun

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0005
Pubmed: 32020582
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):799-804.

Anatomical characterisation of the kidneys of Didelphis aurita (Didelphimorphia: Didelphidae)

S. V. Peçanha, R. Dünkel-Duarte, F. C. S. Bernardes, T. M. Estruc, R. M. do Nascimento, C. A. dos Santos-Sousa, P. de Souza Junior, M. Abidu-Figueiredo

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0006
Pubmed: 32020581
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):805-810.

Three-dimensional modelling and morphometric investigation of computed tomography images of brown bear’s (Ursus arctos) ossa cruris (Zeugopodium)

İ. Demircioğlu, G. Kirbaş Doğan, F. Aksünger Karaavci, İ. Gürbüz, Y. Demiraslan

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0125
Pubmed: 31777947
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):811-816.

Anatomical variations of the abductor pollicis longus: a pilot study

P. Karauda, Ł. Olewnik, M. Podgórski, M. Polguj, K. Ruzik, B. Szewczyk, M. Topol

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0134
Pubmed: 31802470
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):817-822.

Association between superior semicircular canal dehiscence and other dehiscences in temporal bone

J. Whyte, A. I. Cisneros, A. Garcia-Barrios, J. Fraile, A. Whyte, R. Crovetto, M. Lahoz

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0138
Pubmed: 31886879
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):823-828.

A study of the symmetry of roots and root canal morphology in mandibular anterior teeth using cone-beam computed tomographic imaging in a Polish population

M. Sroczyk-Jaszczyńska, J. Kołecki, M. Lipski, M. Puciło, G. Wilk, A. Falkowski, K. Kot, A. Nowicka

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0128
Pubmed: 31802476
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):835-844.

Features and clinical significance of the ossification centres in the odontoid process based on micro-computed tomography

W. Wang, X. Wang, X. Ren, Z. Li, B. Su, Y. Xu, X. Xu, D. Lv, W. Liu, S. Zhang, L. Chen, X. Li

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0130
Pubmed: 31802474
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):845-850.

Age estimation for children and young adults by volumetric analysis of upper anterior teeth using cone-beam computed tomography data

Z. Yang, L. Fan, K. Kwon, J. Pan, C. Shen, J. Tao, F. Ji

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0004
Pubmed: 31930465
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):851-859.

Anatomical variation of a trifid (trifurcation) lateral root origin of the median nerve

D. Chrysikos, S. Papapostolou, A. Samolis, I. Antonopoulos, T. Troupis

Case report

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0013
Pubmed: 32037498
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):860-862.

Platysma muscle additionally innervated by a variant anterior branch of the great auricular nerve

T. Jovanovski, N. Umek, A. Kansky, E. Cvetko

Case report

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0015
Pubmed: 32073137
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):863-866.

Duplication of the spleen accompanied by multiple anomalies of the thorax and abdomen: a rare case

S. Sahin, A. H. Baykan

Case report

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2020.0002
Pubmed: 31930467
Folia Morphol 2020;79(4):867-870.

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