Prevalence of overweight and obesity in preschool children from Rzeszow region

Artur Mazur, Ewelina Rogozińska, Katarzyna Mróz, Maria Ragan, Damian Mazur, Ewa Małecka-Tendera


INTRODUCTION. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence
of overweight and obesity in preschool children from Rzeszow

MATERIAL AND METHODS. Weight and height were measured in
576 preschool children (302 girls and 274 boys) in the mean age
4.82 years ± 1.10 SD from Rzeszow region, and their body mass
index (BMI) was calculated. Overweight and obesity were diagnosed
according to the International Obesity Task Force criteria.

RESULTS. Overweight was present in 9.1% of girls and 9.9% of boys.
The prevalence of obesity was 7.2% and 8.4%s respectively. Three
years old boys were significantly more overweight than the girls in
the same age. However obesity was significantly more prevalent in
3 years old girls than boys and in 5-6 years old boys than girls.

CONCLUSIONS. Overweight and obesity in preschool children are
an emerging problem of the public health. The study results indicate
that obesity prevention and treatment should be focused already
at the preschool children.


overweight; obesity; preschool children

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