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Vol 72, No 1 (2021)
Brief communication
Published online: 2021-01-19

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Amino acids profile in girls with Turner syndrome during growth hormone therapy

Jolanta Bugajska1, Joanna Berska1, Małgorzata Wójcik2, Jerzy B. Starzyk2, Krystyna Sztefko1
Pubmed: 33619714
Endokrynol Pol 2021;72(1):51-52.


Introduction: The influence of growth hormone (GH) treatment on amino acids (AAs) profile in patients with Turner syndrome (TS) was investigated.

Material and methods: The study group included girls with TS: treated with GH (GH+) and girls with no GH treatment (GH−). The control group consisted of healthy girls. Free plasma AAs were measured by the LC/MS/MS.

Results: The plasma concentrations of glutamine, threonine were significantly higher in group GH+ than in group GH− (p < 0.05). In group GH− the values of glutamine, alanine, isoleucine, glutamic acid were significantly different than in the control (p < 0.05–p < 0.008).

Conclusion: AAs profile in girls with TS might be characteristic for the disease but also depends on GH treatment.

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