Vol 56, No 5 (2005)
Case report
Published online: 2006-05-28

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Pituitary resistance to thyroid hormone - a case report

Wojciech Zieleniewski, Jolanta Jurczyńska, Jolanta Kunert-Radek
Endokrynol Pol 2005;56(5):790-793.


Pituitary resistance to thyroid hormone is a very rare cause of hyperthyroidism. It is characterized by normal, or elevated TSH concentration with high concentration of T3 and T4. Here, we present a case of a 24-year-old woman who suffered from mild thyrotoxicosis and diffuse goiter for several years. She had elevated fT3 and fT4 with slightly elevated TSH concentration. Pituitary adenoma was excluded as magnetic resonance imaging showed normal pituitary gland, alpha subunit was within normal range and TSH concentration increased after TRH administration. Sonography revealed normoechogenic, slightly enlarged thyroid gland. Previously, she was given thiamazole, but without any significant amelioration. Thus, the diagnosis of the syndrome of pituitary resistance to thyroid hormone was established. The patient was given bromocriptine at a dose of 10 mg per day. After 2 months of treatment she achieved a state of constant euthyrosis and following next few months thyroid volume diminished.

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