Vol 58, No 3 (2007)
Review paper
Published online: 2007-09-19

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LADA - Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults

Małgorzata Szelachowska
Endokrynol Pol 2007;58(3):246-251.


Latent Autoimmune Diabetes In Adults (LADA) is a form of autoimmune-mediated diabetes in adults. The progression of beta-cell failure is slower than in childhood type 1 diabetes. Patients with LADA present with more preserved beta-cell function than those with classic type 1 diabetes. The diagnosis of LADA according to Immunology of Diabetes Society is based on three features: age over 35 years, the presence at least one of four circulating autoantibodies to pancreatic islet cell antigens and lack of requirement for insulin at least 6 month after diagnosis. The level of C-peptide secretion after stimulation with intravenous glucagon helped to diagnosis. There are different opinions in relation to treatment of LADA.
Some studies suggest, that insulin treatment is indicated at the time of diagnosis LADA, some of them - when patients upon faillure of oral hypoglycemic treatment. (Pol J Endocrinol 2007; 58 (3): 246-251)

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