Vol 61, No 3 (2010)
Review paper
Published online: 2010-07-02

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Molecular physiology of cellular glucose transport - a potential area for clinical studies in diabetes mellitus

Jan Tatoń, Paweł Piątkiewicz, Anna Czech
Endokrynol Pol 2010;61(3):303-310.


The normalization of cellular glucose assimilation is the basic aim of metabolic therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). It requires parallel changes in the process of cellular glucose transport (CGT).
This review presents the pathophysiological and clinical outlines of CGT. Sequentially, the advances in the mechanisms and classification of CGT and their physiological and molecular base are described. The role of CGT pathogenetic significance in diabetes mellitus is stressed. Finally, the opinion is expressed that the CGT study is a potentially important approach to clinical interpretation of glucose metabolism disturbances and their pharmacotherapy.
(Pol J Endocrinol 2010; 61 (3): 303-310)

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