Vol 61, No 6 (2010)
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Published online: 2010-11-15

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Effect of individual and socio-economic risk factors on the incidence of thyroid carcinoma in Olsztyn province

Elżbieta Bandurska-Stankiewicz, Ewa Aksamit-Białoszewska, Joanna Rutkowska, Aleksander Stankiewicz, Danuta Shafie
Endokrynol Pol 2010;61(6):671-682.


Introduction: The aim of this study was an investigation into the individual and socio-economic risk factors of the incidence of thyroid carcinoma.
Material and methods: Our study was into risk factors affecting the incidence of thyroid carcinoma conducted in patients included in a register of thyroid carcinoma. For that purpose, a questionnaire was prepared which covered personal information, medical history and socio-economic factors. A statistical analysis was conducted.
Results: The register comprised 297 patients (89% female) with thyroid carcinoma and 589 healthy subjects. Age group distribution was similar for both groups. The largest group was aged 50-54. The number of children born to women with carcinoma and women in the control group did not differ significantly. 10% of the women with carcinoma had used contraception. Patients were most frequently born in Olsztyn province, an area of relative iodine deficiency. 9.72% had suffered from thyroid disease in childhood. 32.41% had a family history of thyroid disease. Mothers of patients most frequently also came from regions of similar iodine level. The fathers most frequently came from Warsaw province (17.08%). The origin of the remainder was the same as of the mothers. 36% of patients had elementary, 14% vocational, 38% secondary and 13% higher education. Logistic regression showed that the risk of carcinoma increased 0.98 times in each person younger by a year. Individuals with body mass lower had 0.98 times greater risk of the disease by each kilogram.
Conclusions: The risk factors for the incidence of thyroid carcinoma: female sex, age at onset, low body mass
(Pol J Endocrinol 2010; 61 (5): 671-682)

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