Vol 2, No 3 (2001): Practical Diabetology
Review article
Published online: 2001-06-15

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Type 2 diabetes treatment improvement after introduction of extended release tablets of glipizide, Glibenese GITS

Władysław Grzeszczak
Diabetologia Praktyczna 2001;2(3):175-182.


GITS system gives us unique pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. Thanks to GITS it is possible to use short acting glipizide only once a day. Summing up results of performed studies, the introduction of Glibenese GITS into treatment of type 2 diabetes causes: 1) stable concentration of the drug in blood plasma over 24 hours; 2) decreased insulin secretion, necessary for the hypoglycaemic effect, when compared with other sulfonylureas; 3) decreased C-peptide secretion, when compared with other sulfonylureas; 4) decreased hepatic glucose production; 5) significant improvement of metabolic control, when compared to other sulfonylureas; 6) significant improvement of insulin sensitivity; 7) improvement of lipid metabolism; 8) possibility of equally efficient treatment in both younger and older patients; 9) possibility of equally efficient treatment in patients with mild chronic renal failure; 10) decreased risk of hypoglycaemia; 11) improvement of quality of life in type 2 diabetes. Glibenese is a single oral drug which was shown to improve the quality of life in type 2 diabetes. In summary, the Glibenese GITS, generated using the GITS technology, has unique advantages, which might or even should be used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Having considered numerous advantages and few disadvantages of the presented drug, we should think about Glibenese GITS, when we start or change the treatment of the type 2 diabetes.

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