Vol 3, No 2 (2002): Practical Diabetology
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Published online: 2002-05-13

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Association of Chlamydia pneumoniae infection with diabetic nephropathy

Masao Kanauchi, Takahiro Kawano, Kazuhiro Dohi
Diabetologia Praktyczna 2002;3(2):91-94.


We evaluated the association of Chlamydia pneumoniae (CP) infection with progression of diabetic nephropathy. Type 2 diabetic patients (60) were divided into two groups, those with incipient nephropathy and those with advanced nephropathy, based on the severity of diffuse glomerular lesions using Gellman’s criteria. Type 2 (34) diabetic patients without nephropathy (normoalbuminuria) and 59 nondiabetics served as control groups. Serum IgG- -antibody against CP was measured using ELISA. CP antibody was detected in 45.8% of nondiabetic controls, in 47.1% of diabetic patients without nephropathy, in 52.6% of diabetic patients with incipient nephropathy, and 78% of diabetic patients with advanced nephropathy. There was 4.22-fold increase in the risk of advanced nephropathy associated with the presence of CP antibody. Our findings indicate an association between chronic CP infection and advanced diabetic nephropathy.

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