Vol 8, No 8-9 (2007): Practical Diabetology
Review article
Published online: 2007-09-08

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Diabetes mellitus in ageing male

Maciej T. Małecki, Jan Skupień
Diabetologia Praktyczna 2007;8(8-9):349-353.


Type 2 diabetes mellitus is one of the most severe epidemiologic problems during last several dozens of years. According to the recent estimations the prevalence of diabetes doubles every 30 years. Diabetes prevalence quickly increases with age, achieving over 30% in the group of people over 60. Recently diabetes have displayed more rapid rise in males than in females. This makes an ageing male especially susceptible for diabetes mellitus. In this review the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus in elderly was presented, together with specific features observed in males. In addition, the diabetic complications were described, with emphasis on therapeutic problems that are present in ageing patients, as well as the preferable treatment options in this group of subjects.

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