Vol 9, No 5 (2008): Practical Diabetology
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Published online: 2008-10-23

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Diabetes type of LADA

Agnieszka Foltyn
Diabetologia Praktyczna 2008;9(5):220-226.


Since long years people thought, that diabetes type 1 is reserved only for children and adolescent. LADA is a specific form of autoimmune diabetes, diagnosed mainly in adulthood. Early intervention with insulin is very important in LADA for protection a residual b-cells function, resulting in a better metabolic control of diabetes. No symptoms of ketoacidosis, age of diagnosis over 30 years and initially good response to diet and oral medications often leed to diagnose type 2 diabetes. To make a better chance for early diagnosis of LADA we need to find some typical features for this type of diabetes. Some authors propose clinical screening criteria: age of onset (30–50 years), acute symptoms of hyperglycemia, lack of obesity, personal and family history of autoimmune diseases. Actually the most important for diagnosis LADA is presence of b-cells autoantibodies, particularly glutamid acid decarboxylase antibodies.

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