Vol 10, No 5 (2009): Practical Diabetology
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Published online: 2010-01-07

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Pathogenetic relationship between diabetic microand macroangiopathy Part II. New opinions concerning pathogenesis of diabetic macroangiopathy

Bogna Wierusz-Wysocka
Diabetologia Praktyczna 2009;10(5):173-179.


Current opinions concerning diabetic macroangiopathy development are presented. The role of hyperglycemia and microangiopathy in specific atherosclerotic changes formation in persons with carbohydrate metabolism disturbances were evaluated. Particular interest was concentrated on participation in this atherosclerotic process both inflammatory cells and mediators of growth and proliferation (angiogenesis) of vvasa vasorum. New hypotheses of simultaneous occurence of arteriogenesis disturbances and hyperglicemia ane suggested.

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