Vol 11, No 5 (2010): Practical Diabetology
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Published online: 2011-02-16

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The assessment of the implementation of the Polish Diabetes Association recommendations in the scope of metabolic control in patients with diabetes treated in endocrinological-diabetological outpatient clinic

Anna Kamińska, Agata Bronisz, Marek Bronisz, Emilia Bonisławska, Marcin Mielcarek, Marcin Gierach, Roman Junik
Diabetologia Praktyczna 2010;11(5):160-166.


INTRODUCTION. In the Polish Diabetes Association (PDA) recommendations treatment targets in the scope of blood pressure, glycemic control and lipids are defined. The aim of the study was to assess the implementation of these recommendations in patients with diabetes treated in endocrinologicaldiabetological outpatient clinic.
MATERIAL AND METHODS. We analyzed randomly chosen sample of 313 records of patients (151 men and 162 women; 21.4% with type 1 diabetes, 75.4% with type 2 diabetes, 3.2% with other types), treated in Endocrinological-Diabetological Outpatient Clinic in University Hospital in Bydgoszcz in 2007 year. Mean age of patients was 60.2 ± 15.3 years, diabetes duration 11 ± 8 years, BMI 28.4 ± 7.9 kg/m2. We analyzed systolic and diastolic blood pressure, HbA1c levels, triglicerydes, total cholesterol and HDL and LDL cholesterol concentrations.
RESULTS. Mean values of examined parameters and the percentage of subjects achieving therapeutic goals according to PDA recommendations in 2007 (in brackets) are: systolic blood pressure 136 ± 19 mm Hg (35.3%), diastolic blood pressure 79 ± 10 mm Hg (44.5%), HbA1c 7.5 ± 1.6% (32.2%), total cholesterol 184.2 ± 38.6 mg/dL (43.5%), HDL 49.3 ± 15.2 mg/dL (58.5% men and 67.3% women), LDL 105.5 ± 29.3 mg/dL (39.8%), triglicerydes 136.8 ± 75.3 mg/dL (69.8%). HbA1c target recommended by PDA in 2009 year, was achieved by 17.4% of patients with type 1 diabetes, 58% of subjects with type 2 and diabetes duration < 5 years and by 52.6% of subjects with type 2 and diabetes duration ≥ 5 years.
CONCLUSIONS. Our results confirm insufficient metabolic control in patients with diabetes treated in specialist care. These results indicate the need of improvement of quality of care for patients with diabetes. (Diabet. Prakt. 2010; 11, 5: 160–166)

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