Vol 4, No 5 (2015)
Review article
Published online: 2015-12-18

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Nutritional prevention and nutrition in diabetic kidney disease

Anna Kościej, Marcin Zerzucha, Urszula Skotnicka-Graca
Diabetologia Kliniczna 2015;4(5):183-188.


Diabetic nephropathy defines a complication of diabetes that as a result of persistent hyperglycemia  leads to dysfunction and the morphological changes in the kidney. This disease over time becomes more and more clinical problem. Due to the classification of diabetes as a civilization disease, and a high risk of complications from the kidney, is a huge problem for patients because it often leads to end-stage renal failure. The consequences of binding to the disease are mainly onerous and costly replacement therapy. One of the components of the properly conducted therapy is correctly planned diet. The paper discusses the most important issues associated with dietary behavior. Attention was drawn to the role of specific nutrients, but also the importance of nutrition education as an essential element of dietary proceeding.

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