Vol 2, No 3 (2013)
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Published online: 2013-05-21

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The evaluation of the level of knowledge of nurses participating in the Regional Program of Workshops for Diabetic Education — initial report

Anna Kamińska, Danuta Reyer, Mirosława Polaszewska-Muszyńska, Marlena Gronau, Agata Cibulla, Henryka Olejniczak, Grażyna Zarzycka-Lindner, Wojciech Sawuła, Zofia Ruprecht, Sylwia Kałamaja, Anna Schneider, Roman Junik
Diabetologia Kliniczna 2013;2(3):79-86.


Introduction. In the Polish health care system, responsibilityfor the education of diabetic patients lies solelyon unspecialised nurses. A signifi cant problem is thelack of courses available to those nurses, who havecontact with diabetic patients in their daily practice.The aim of this study was to evaluate the nurses’ knowledgeconcerning diabetes.

Material and methods. The study involved 272 nurses,who participated in the The Regional Program of Workshopsfor Diabetic Education. The level of knowledgewas evaluated before and after the workshops via thetest consisting of 12 questions.

Results. After determining the passing percentage ofthe test as 60%, only 10% in group A — nurses workingin the clinics — and 18% in group B — nurses workingin the outpatients departments — passed the initialtest. The fi nal test was passed by 96% and 93% ofnurses, respectively. The average scores obtained inthe initial test by group A and group B didn’t differ(4.88 ± 2.04 vs 4.67 ± 2.3 points, p = 0.46), while inthe fi nal test it was signifi cantly higher in group A comparedwith group B (10.3 ± 1.26 vs 9.41 ± 1.54 points,p < 0.0001).

Conclusions. Nurses working in outpatients departments,as well as nurses working in hospitals, didnot present a satisfactory level of knowledge aboutdiabetology. The Workshops for Diabetic Educationincreased the level of knowledge of both groups. Thereis a need for better education for nurses in the fi eld ofdiabetology.

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