Vol 1, No 4 (2012)
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Published online: 2012-11-27

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Acarbose – the new look

Jacek Sieradzki
Diabetologia Kliniczna 2012;1(4):159-164.


The structure and mechanism of action of acarbose as well as ist role in normalization of postprandial hiperglycaemia is described. Acarbose is very important drug in reduction of risk of development of overt diabetes and in reduction of cardiovascular risk among persons with prediabetes state. The action as well as character of additional effects of acarbose is very similar to its described by incretins. Perhaps the mechanism of action of acarbose is partially  connected with its effect on intestine-pancreatic axis. The beneficients of acarbose are patients with type 2 diabetes with high postprandial glycaemia as well persons with prediabetes. In summary, acarbose can be prescribed in every stage of treatment of  type 2 diabetes.

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